Możesz skorzystać z tej formy rejestracji VAT jeśli:

Jesteś zarejestrowany na VAT
Jeśli Twój obrót będzie mniejszy niż £150 000.00 (excluding VAT) w ciągu następnych 12 miesięcy

VAT accounting scheme Threshold to join scheme Threshold to leave scheme
Flat Rate Scheme £150.000 lub mniej Więcej niż £230.000
Cash Accounting Scheme £1.35 mln lub mniej Więcej niż £1.6 mln
Annual Accounting Scheme £1.35 mln lub mniej Więcej niż £1.6 mln

Powyższe dane są aktualne od 01-kwietnia 2015r.

Having previously experienced numerous delays in the completion of my accounts and submission to the relevant authorities by previous accountants, I have to say how much of a refreshing change it has been to have everything dealt with on time By ABS-Service Ltd.

Jaroslaw Zeglen Director

I dreaded each quarter as it came around until I met with the team at ABS-Service Ltd. For the last couple of years all I have had to do is present my paperwork by an agreed date and everything is taken care of. We then had a further chat and I have been able to reduce my VAT bill by over 50%.

Merry Beacham Marketing Manager

We've been dealing with ABS-Service Ltd for 3 years now and have always found their industry knowledge, expert advice and professional service provided by the 'Team' at ABS-Service Ltd a great resource for our company.

Sharon Laxtton Support Staff