Agnes does both my personal and business accounting, he is very knowledgeable and able to provide comprehensive advice in an articulate manner so I can make quick decisions that are in my or my business' best interests
Emma Sharma
Emma Sharma
We have been clients of ABS-Service Ltd.  for many years and have been delighted with the quality of advice we have been given. What’s more everyone is friendly and always seem pleased to speak to me!
Mark Long
Mark Long
ABS-Service Ltd.  have given a great service to us for over five years now. Good up-to-date advice and an efficient friendly service, their experience and guidance has helped us stay in control as we have grown our business.
Monika Kirola
Monika Kirola
It is reassuring to know that we have a dedicated team of people looking after our financial affairs. We know that we can approach them with any questions we have and they are dealt with in a quick, efficient and friendly manner.
Brendon Maccullam
Brendon Maccullam
Professional, skilled and trustworthy, ABS-Service Ltd. can provide an all-round financial service from the small but important to details to high level strategic advice.
James Peterson
James Peterson
ABS-Service Ltd. provides a precise and efficient audit service and I have complete trust in the work they do for me. The team are friendly and approachable and I would definitely recommend ABS-Service Ltd. to anyone who is in need of a professional and efficient audit team.
Alicia Takiya
Alicia Takiya


Our team has a shared aim - to use our knowledge, professional expertise and wide ranging skills to help our clients achieve business success...

We've been dealing with ABS-Service Ltd for 3 years now and have always found their industry knowledge, expert advice and professional service provided by the 'Team' at ABS-Service Ltd a great resource for our company. Their positive and proactive approach, attention to detail and dedicated service are just some of the ways that ABS-Service Ltd. shows that they truly care about their clients.
Sharon Laxtton
Sharon LaxttonCEO
I was struggling to meet the Tax Return filing deadline with a week to go before filing, I was panicking. I didnt have time to complete my records due to work commitments being so demanding so I called ABS-Service Ltd. who told me to bring everything in that I had. They managed to deal with my records and produce a full set of accounts and even file my Tax Return before the deadline date and I avoided any late filing penalties too.
Steve Codling
Steve CodlingGeneral Manager
Having previously experienced numerous delays in the completion of my accounts and submission to the relevant authorities by previous accountants, I have to say how much of a refreshing change it has been to have everything dealt with on time By ABS-Service Ltd.
Jaroslaw Zeglen
Jaroslaw ZeglenGraphic Designer
I dreaded each quarter as it came around until I met with the team at ABS-Service Ltd. For the last couple of years all I have had to do is present my paperwork by an agreed date and everything is taken care of. We then had a further chat and I have been able to reduce my VAT bill by over 50%.
Merry Beacham
Merry BeachamMarketing Manager
My company was formed that day, following a meeting at 9.30. I had my company name and number by late afternoon. Outstanding and brilliant service.
Shara Khan
Shara KhanSupport Staff
A discussion with Agnes has resulted in a reduction of my capital gains tax bill from in excess of 70,000 to less than 2,600. A time well spent.
Steven Anders
Steven AndersCEO

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